Musings from Pastor Earl J.

“While it is important to start right,
the real test of your character and Christian life
is how you finish. A faithful life means
keeping your eyes on the goal.”
Tim LaHaye

I spend a lot of time nowadays thinking about what it means to finish well. I know how I started. It was shaky to say the least. If my whole life was going to be like this, then I might as well try to start again. I searched every book I could get my hands on, attended numerous seminars, and sought to pick people’s brains on their perspective of life.

 I spent my early adulthood trying to start over whenever I could. I could find no fulfillment wherever I looked for it. My journey would take me to Chicago, Wichita, the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex, and back to “home” again. It would take me from a general laborer in a Hardware store, to a student of a new technology (computer science), to a novice chef in a white jacket and funky hat, to a custodian in an elementary school, followed by a period of time acquiring the skills of staying alive on the streets and thoroughfares of a major metroplex to realize until I surrendered to the call of God upon my life no number of re-starts would bring me satisfaction.

So, it was now that I came to realize it isn’t just the start that matters but it is also how you finish. Generally, a lot of time transpires between the start and the finish. But as a follower of Jesus, we are taught to live our lives so that no matter when the finish comes, we have been a faithful disciple of His. To focus on the right things and becoming more consistent  we will travel the final part of our journey in style.

No matter your age the question is, “are your eyes on the prize”. What is your goal in life? Is it financial wellbeing, social status, climbing the corporate ladder, getting married and having a family, or attaining that elusive PhD? My response is, “are your eyes on the prize?” As a Christian we need to visualize the finish line.

Sisters, and brothers consider your finish line.  Regardless of how you have played the “front”, you can play well on the back. Pray for sound strategy that will help you “finish the course.” You can finish strong. In the memorable words of Wally Armstrong, III (born June 19, 1945) an American professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour during the 1970’s and 1980’s — My purpose in life is to know God and to pursue Him at any cost.



A fellow traveler,

Pastor Earl J.

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